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don't quit your daydream

Updated: May 3, 2019

don't forget to look up

There was this continuous reel that kept replaying in every one of my daydreams. You know, the one so full of energy that it begins to stoke that fire in the pit of your stomach, that fist-clinching passion, that drive that busts through glass ceilings, your confident, you got this, and you're ready to kick butt!!! Then, somewhere out of nowhere, you have given the daydream lords permission to take a hard left and it begins to fill that filthy fear tank with doubt, the what if's, guilt for wanting more, the judgements, telling yourself it will be to hard, its too risky to navigate off the concrete path. And then we blink, collect our thoughts, carry on with what ever it was we were doing. We somehow quit our daydream!

At some point, if you want something, you have to do something to propel yourself into your moment. No one has that same daydream - I promise you that! You are the only one who can bounce the ideas, create the outline, write it down, erase it, crumble it up, start again, share it, and fail and maybe fail again. If your not failing you are not trying hard enough. Failing is only a stepping stone, it is hard core vulnerability. If you have to look out the dang window to start the daydream over, do so! This is your daydream you have permission to start over again and again.

So what was that daydream that was on replay in my mind? It was to become a photographer, create art with my photography, connect with others on a different level, be passionate about it and find a niche that spoke to me. That niche, for me, is the specialty of photographing newborns and not only working with newborns but to have a newborn studio to provide an atmosphere for my clients to relax in! You see, daydreamers tend to dream big and my daydream just kept me looking up at all my possibilities.

How am I doing with my daydream? I AM DOING IT!! And I am doing this all while looking up! Looking up and giving it to the universe, looking up and having the faith to know I am surrounded by goodness, looking up and saying, "what it is I want, what I need, and how can I achieve this and certainly being grateful for the ones who support me.

My best advice - Don't quit your daydream!

#daydream #ownyourdaydream

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