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about us


Make It A Day Photography is all about connection.  While specializing in newborn photography, we also capture milestones of children and connect with families outside of our studio to create photographic memories.

Newborns are a gift and being able to give parents images that capture their infants details, can bring them back to the "littleness" that once was.

Milestones of your child(ren) are the pieces that help them navigate through the years.   From their first smiles, to sitting, to walking, we love the extra interaction we get to watch them grow through candids..

Families are the unit that fills our hearts with love.  We love to meet up to play, be silly, give a hug or two so the time we spend together can help us create images that portray what your family is all about. 

Because when the years begin to pass we want you to reconnect with that moment. Photographs spark joy when we look through them. It is important to give clients a piece of their hearts to hold in their hands. To take them back to that day and just smile!

We love connection and we are happy you are here! 

All the squeezes,



"Capturing a little piece of your heart."

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specializing in newborn photography and capturing children and families